Strictly Teachers


This is a minimally-constructed website, as teachers are well capable of making informed intelligent decisions with a fact-driven narrative of substance and common sense.


Strictly Teachers is a New Jersey company designed expressly for teachers ONLY.


This structure is not designed as an exit ramp for teachers but an augmentative one, whereby the hours they commit to part-time work generates executive income, allowing that they remain in the profession they are passionate about.


Teaching needs to retain all the excellent talent is has.


You MUST have a valid teaching license to be part of this Executive Income community or be retired.


We built this, as a division of New York Trust, as teachers bear a special provenance with us.


The two partners, collectively have 9 members in the New Jersey school system, 1 in Indiana and 2 in Florida.


We are aware of the part-time jobs that teachers work constantly and wanted to present an opportunity for them to utilize their teaching skills to generate Executive Income on a part-time basis.


So, just click on the stack of books at the bottom right and determine if we are for you.


We already know, you are for us.


Hope to see you on the other side.


Dr. Maguire

   Retired teachers will play a valuable role,

as our target market is those 60+.